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Take advantage of advertising with your chamber before the year ends!

Take advantage of advertising with your chamber before the year ends!

The year is almost at an end, with many businesses either dreading how COVID-19 ruined their plans or happy they managed to come back from what has been an economically devastating period or a combination of both! 


Either way, business is business, and like theater, the show must go on. It is imperative that businesses do all they can to end the year as the victor in this economic battle between business and COVID-19. 


But how does one possibly achieve this? How does one end the year on the best business note possible? Well, one way is to advertise with your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce! 


There are many reasons you should take advantage of these last few months of the year and advertise with your chamber:


We are offering great deals at affordable prices! 


Your chamber is offering advertising deals for half the price they would normally be!


For $300, we can send out an e-blast showing JUST your advertisement, or you can be part of a group e-blast for only $200. 


For $150, you can have a full page ad in our MOMENTUM magazine. 


In addition, we are offering spotlights on our social media for lower prices as well. For $100, you can have a solo ad boosted on Instagram and Facebook or a group-boosted post for only $50.


You can get your marketing message out in a variety of ways! (Facebook, Instagram, our magazine and e-blast)


As you can see, your chamber offers many options for how to advertise. There has never been a better time in history to advertise, thanks to all the ways to do so. Advertise with your chamber and your business could be promoted on Facebook, Instagram, our MOMENTUM magazine AND in our e-blast. We boost our Instagram and Facebook posts, leading to your ad being seen by thousands! 


The holidays are some of the best time to advertise and renew interest in your business


The holidays are right around the corner, which is always the best time to advertise. If your business is planning on having special holiday deals and products sold, why not make this more known by advertising with your chamber? On top of that, because many will soon start shopping for their loved ones as part of the holiday spirit, this is the best time for you to remind the community that your business may have the products consumers have in mind!


The Endgame


With all this in mind, it is clear that advertising with your chamber these last remaining months of the year will only do great things for your business! Make your business grow, while also supporting your chamber by advertising with us! Let’s make sure we end this year on a positive note, showing just how much we are Stronger Together. 


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