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BE PART OF HISTORY: Cement your legacy in your chamber boardroom!

BE PART OF HISTORY: Cement your legacy in your chamber boardroom!

It’s an understatement that being a member of your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce comes with many benefits that help cement your business’ reputation and legacy in your town. 


Within the building of every chamber member is a plaque showing their membership with their League City Regional Chamber. Such plaques provide the credibility businesses hope and search for to ensure prosperity of their ventures.


However, these are not the only plaques one can sport to boost their businesses reputation. There exist an opportunity for members of the chamber to not only cement their legacy as a member of the chamber but also make their business known by the top figures who make the city go round.

Are you ready to ensure your legacy in League City? There has never been a better time and opportunity to do so! 


In your League City Regional Chamber’s boardroom one will find 12 large wall plaques, with 8 sporting the logo of one of our region’s most prominent businesses. Now you have the chance to become one of the 12! 


Your League City Regional Chamber has four plaques available. Your business’ logo will be on our wall for two years. 


Such a logo will be seen by all those who pass through your chamber’s boardroom. 


In addition to the wall plaque sponsorships, you have the opportunity to have a SEAT AT THE TABLE! Your chamber is offering you the chance to have the name of your business on one of our state of the art boardroom chairs! 


Both of these are an opportunity for you to be part of history as your chamber and those who walk in will know of your business and your contribution to the conduit of commerce of League City! 


By having your business in the chamber’s boardroom, you obtain the following benefits: 


For more information, contact your chamber. Have a seat at the table, a place on the wall, and be part of history TODAY!!!


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