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COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Spherion brings staffing and recruitment excellence to League City region

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Spherion brings staffing and recruitment excellence to League City region

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Spherion brings staffing and recruitment excellence to League City region



That is one word Sabbath Ekene uses to describe Spherion’s mission. 


“Excellence, because we outwork and outshine all of our competitors.”


Sabbath Ekene is the owner and managing director of the Spherion location in League City. Spherion is a staffing and recruiting company dedicated to providing companies and the community with workforce solutions that guarantee success.


“We’re not just another staffing and recruiting company,” Ekene says. “We’re your partner in making work and life more fulfilling. Whether you’re an employer seeking skilled talent to fuel productivity, an individual pursuing a career that makes every day rewarding or an entrepreneur ready to make your mark in the staffing world, we’re your staffing team and we’re committed to your success!” 


Ekene considers Spherion to be a company distinguished by its high standard or service. 


“It is woven into the very fiber of our culture and is the highest priority to our staff,” she said. You will be well cared for and provided with the best career opportunities for your skills. We will get to know you personally—your talents, experience and aspirations—and work on your behalf to place you in jobs that match your skills and keep your career progressing. We will be here to provide valuable input on key aspects of your job search including resume guidance, interviewing tips and skills training. And, we will keep you informed about job opportunities that fit your goals. We’re in this together and we’re determined to make your career amazing!


When asked about what makes Spherion unique and different from similar businesses and organizations, Ekene’s response was that of its work culture.


“Spherion embraces a work culture that values diversity, innovation and service excellence,” Ekene said. 


Joining the chamber


League City holds a special place in Spherion’s heart due to it being the location of their Galveston County office. Ekene describes the League City community as a fun one, because of the “great people and great businesses” in the city. As one might imagine, the location has enjoyed its time in Galveston County as a member of the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce.


“Upon opening our office in 2019, our Spherion corporate team in Atlanta encouraged us to join the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce and it was one of the best decisions we made,” Ekene said. 


Ekene says that the greatest benefit of being a member of the chamber is the relationships they build and the lifetime bonds and new friendships that come with such new relationships. 


“Your organization should join your local chamber of commerce because there is strength in numbers and in order to be successful in business you must have supporters,” Ekene said. “The chamber will allow you to gain trust and build a solid foundation.”


The future


With the new year having begun, Spherion is continuing its dedication to helping businesses and job seekers alike thrive with success. Ekene shed light on her location’s biggest goal of 2021. 


“We plan to put more than 700 people to work this year,” Ekene said. “We plan on connecting with lots of businesses and meeting new candidates daily.”


Ekene gave her company’s promise to their clients, promising to get to know their clients’ businesses and the talent that will keep them operating at peak performance.


“Acting as an extension of your HR team, we will source, recruit, interview and hire candidates that fit the unique requirements of your organization,” Ekene said. “We will respond promptly to staffing needs and proactively offer solutions that address challenges you’re facing. You will only be presented with top candidates and Spherion will assist with every facet of the employment process. We will follow-up regularly to ensure the candidates we placed meet your satisfaction and performance goals. And, if you are ever unsatisfied with a talent placement, we will resolve the issue quickly and provide a suitable replacement. We are your staffing team and your satisfaction is our greatest goal!”

Those interested in Spherion’s services can contact them at 281-724-7020 or visit their website for further inquiries.

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