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FEATURE: Charles Pulliam brings intellection, inspiration and job readiness to League City region

FEATURE: Charles Pulliam brings intellection, inspiration and job readiness to League City region

FEATURE: Charles Pulliam brings intellection, inspiration and job readiness to League City region

And above all, “Pivot.”
These are words that describe the man, his company and philosophy. 


2020 has been a year of unprecedented circumstances. As the global COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the minds of millions, job security follows as dominating concern. Jobs have been lost, a recession has happened, and defeat has felt like the feeling to accept. 


But one League City Regional Chamber member and board of director is ensuring this is not the case. 


Charles Pulliam has been working hard to ensure our community rises above COVID-19 rather than stay down. Since September, Pulliam has been speaker for the Job Readiness Webinars, a series by the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce, dedicated to helping one be ready to succeed in their job hunt and the job market amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 


A man who provides “solushiens” 


Pulliam is the founder, CEO and Senior Partner of the business management consulting firm Solushiens.


Its mission? To grow people and grow companies.

It’s vision? To ensure every client realizes established strategic objectives.


Since its launch earlier this year, Pulliam’s company Solushiens has been working with various businesses and organizations to conduct strategic planning and actions that will ensure each client does the following: pivot. 


“We’re expert pivot planners,” Pulliam said. “We come up with a framework for a rapid strategic planning process that will allow people after a one day session to have complete clarity of what they are going to do for the next 12 to 18 months in terms of strategy, specific goals and objectives.”


In its eight months of existence, Solushiens has helped healthcare companies, oil and gas companies, retail shops and warehouse and distribution companies. 


Pulliam notes that despite being a startup, his company’s work is the culmination of his 35 years of research, proven theories and methodologies for growing organizations. 


“Because our frameworks are so flexible, they really work in any environment and any company,” Pulliam said. “All we need to be able to do is to come in and ask the right questions to determine where you might be able to go in terms of strategy.” 


Pulliam made it clear how much he loves his work as it represents who he is and what he loves.


“I like growing people and growing companies,” Pulliam said. “This is my greatest joy. I don’t feel like this is work. I feel like this is me helping people and I am getting paid for it.”


From Air Force to Work Force


Pulliam has worked in multiple leadership positions, from startups to billion dollar companies. Pulliam realized his love for working with people and helping companies grow shortly after high school. Pulliam imagined himself becoming an engineer but realized his love working with others at 19, leading him to be put in charge of Production and Control while in the Air Force, making him in charge of billions of dollars of assets for determining issues to be fixed. Pulliam noted that such experience at an early point in his life helped him succeed as a civilian.
PHOTO: Charles Pulliam teaches amongst a group of people. Photo by Kristy Mapp.


Pulliam has since worked in many positions, particularly in human resources and management system positions. These include being Vice President of Human Resources & Administration at the multibillion dollar company British Gas, working in custom software application development at a technology startup, various HR and recruiting roles, and legal and medical information management systems. 


The Job Readiness Webinars

It is because of this experience that Pulliam chose to be the speaker for the Job Readiness series and why League City Regional Chamber CEO & President Dewan Clayborn felt Pulliam was perfect for the series. 


“Charles has a lot of expertise in the education industry and he is a well rounded business leader,” Clayborn said. “Considering his background in numerous industries I felt he was quite qualified to provide great value to those who were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Pulliam highlighted his love of helping others succeed as motivation for being speaker for the series. Pulliam said a conversation with Clayborn about a job fair and the need for jobs among many in the League City region was all he needed to hear.


“It highlighted a real critical need for job readiness and people with unemployment or underemployment and ultimately that conversation led me to say ‘Well what we [Solushiens] do is help people solve problems and make decisions,’” Pulliam said. “I always want to give back to this community so this was a tremendous opportunity for me to just go and do what my expertise is, which is pivot planning. I just want to help pivot and that kind of drove the conversation to get started.”


When asked about what he wants attendees to most takeaway from the webinars, he used one of his favorite words: pivot.


“The biggest takeaway is to learn how to pivot in the midst of uncertainty,” Pulliam said. “It’s critical for people, beit in business, in life or looking for jobs. Whatever the case may be, to understand that when uncertain things happen or bad things happen, you still have the god-like power to make decisions and you can choose things. So what we’re asking people to do is overcome this. Choose to keep going. Don’t be a victim to what’s going on. We know things are terrible but also out of terrible things opportunity presents itself if you’re looking.”


Pulliam expressed the same joy about the webinars as he did about Solushiens, noting many people who attended the webinars came into the sessions with little hope of obtaining a job, but ended the webinar inspired with hope of getting a job. Pulliam noted how fulfilling such a thing is, feeling that giving hope is the most vital aspect.


“If I’m not doing that, if I’m not giving people hope then what am I doing?” Pulliam said. “And so this is just a clear example of providing hope to people and I love it.” 


Pulliam encourages job seekers to believe in themselves and their passions


Pulliam emphasized the power of believing in one’s self, saying that if you think you cannot get a job, then that will come true.


“If you use your brain, and your heart, your passions and all those things in you to make the impossibility of a job a reality, then that’s what will happen,” Pulliam said. “But the opposite is also true. If you use your brain and your heart and your passions you will find a job. There are people that are hiring all over the place. But I would ask a few things. Number one, I would say stop looking for a job and start looking for a way to help people. I tell people all the time why are Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos are millionaires? Is it because they are the smartest people? No, it’s because they help the most people. People have to think about how they can use their gifts to help people and companies.”


Pulliam gave further advice by saying that the key to getting a job is to help a business either save money or make money.


“I tell people all the time there are only two reasons companies hire people and retain people: to make money or save money and that’s what it comes down to,” Pulliam said. “Figure out how you can use your talents to help a company make money or save money and you will be one of the most hirable people on the planet. The last thing I would say is you need to focus on flexibility, fundamental soundness, attitude, and your work ethic. You need to practice the things that are fundamental to life. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, forbearance, those things, flexibility. You have to practice those things.”

With the year nearly at an end, many are scrambling to ensure they do not end it on a bad note. With many still seeking jobs, and the chamber working to ensure its region thrives, Pulliam has confidence in job seekers’ ability to succeed during  these trying times.


“Ultimately today is a great day to get started,” Pulliam said. “It doesn’t matter what happened earlier this year. The only thing history shows is what has happened. It has nothing to do with the future. Today you decide to pivot from where you are and get to your moment of greatness.” 

NOTE: Image courtesy of Solushiens worker Kristy Mapp.

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