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Lone Star Flight Museum offers top gunned aviation experience

Lone Star Flight Museum offers top gunned aviation experience

Lone Star Flight Museum offers top gunned aviation experience

The League City Regional Chamber of Commerce is host to an array of businesses and organizations who are proud chamber members, and museums are no exception. 


Lone Star Flight Museum began as a private aircraft collection in June 1985 in Galveston. As the collection grew over time, the museum began to acquire even more aircraft and started displaying aviation memorabilia and artifacts, developing educational programs, and recruiting volunteers through its Membership Program implemented in July 1991. The museum relocated to Houston shortly after Hurricane Harvey.


Every year many volunteer at Lone Star Flight Museum and come to the museum to receive aviation experience.


“There is not another museum in the region that offers the aviation experience the way we do,” said Doug Owens, President and CEO of the museum. “We are home of the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame and most of our aircraft are still operational. Visitors can experience flight first hand or walk through our expansive hangars and galleries to better understand the rich aviation heritage of Texas.” 


Doug Owens spoke on his role as CEO and favorite part of running the museum. 


“As President and CEO of the museum, I oversee all aspects of museum operations, work with the museum’s board of directors and engage with our local community to promote the museum and serve community needs,” Owens said. “My favorite part of the museum is engaging with our youngest visitors around the airplanes, to watch the wonder and twinkle in their eyes with the possibilities of their whole life in front of them.”


Owens used the word “INSPIRING” to describe Lone Star Flight Museum. 


“We believe aviation inspires achievement and endless possibilities,” Owens said. “It did so as the Wright Brothers took to the air in 1903, as those before us defended our nation in times of World War and it does today as we inspire our young people to build on achievements of the past and present vision.”


Owens spoke on why Lone Star Flight Museum joined the League City Regional chamber of commerce. “Simply, we are part of the community we both serve and live in,” Owens said. “It was a natural fit for us.”


Owens went on to provide insight into why he feels businesses should join their local chamber.

“All local businesses are part of the community the chamber supports by promoting and protecting local business interests,” Owens said. “It’s a great opportunity for any business to better understand the needs of the community, to network, to serve and be generally successful.”


Owens expressed how he felt League City encompasses the best of Texas.


“Everything great about Texas can be found in League City. From great neighborhoods, to food, recreation, entertainment and business…League City has it all.”


Owens gave two primary reasons for why the community should visit their museum.

“First, a visit to our museum is just PLANE cool,” Owens said. “Second, we live here, we serve here and are a part of the community. We should always support each other.” 


As 2021 reaches its second quarter, many businesses and chamber members are working to ensure they rise above the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Owens shed light on Lone Star’s primary goals for 2021.


“Our biggest goal is to recover from the economic impacts of the Pandemic,” Owens said. “We will be ready with exciting new programs, operating hours and marketing to let the folks of the Bay Area know we are ready for them to enjoy their flight museum. We are here at Ellington Airport and we exist for you and your families. Come and see us!”

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