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MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: A time for education

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: A time for education

Dear Chamber Family,


August is a month that means so much for both your chamber, our community and surrounding regions. It is a time for many in our area to prepare for their return to school. Education is the backbone of every society and one of your chamber’s highest values. 


In support of our leaders in education, your chamber encourages those in our community to attend our multitude of August events such as “Kick Off By the Creek!” and our “State of Higher Education Luncheon.” “Kick Off By The Creek” will see coaches from our amazing school districts speak on all things related to high school sports and I for one am hype for what will certainly be an exciting year. Our “State of Higher Education” will see leaders of our community’s phenomenal colleges and universities speak on the current affairs, plans and visions for their schools. 


As a new school year begins (the first in person school year since 2019), I want to encourage those in our community to start the year off right with a mission to learn and a vision to succeed. 


Education rules our nation and this a time for us to all be students and be willing to learn new things. Success and prosperity is ours if we stay committed to being lovers of knowledge and remembering we are Stronger Together. 

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