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MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: Governor Abbot lifts mask requirements

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: Governor Abbot lifts mask requirements

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: Governor Abbot lifts mask requirements

Attention Chamber Family and League City residents, 


As you may know by now, Governor Greg Abbott officially issued Executive Order GA-34, meaning that effective March 10, 2021, there will no longer be COVID-19-related capacity limits for business or other other public establishments. Additionally, face coverings will no longer be required. 


Nevertheless, businesses are free to limit capacity and/or require face coverings if they so choose and individuals are strongly encouraged to wear them when social distancing is not possible.


With all of this in mind, as president of your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce, I would like to issue the following statement:


Our wonderful city of League City and its surrounding region has seen a decrease in numbers since January, and many have been successfully vaccinated. Nevertheless, it cannot be ignored that the majority of those in our region are still at risk of contracting the virus. 


Your League City Regional Chamber strongly believes that social distancing and wearing masks have helped drive down the prevalence of the virus. This is especially notable as we witness the increasing presence of more contagious variants. Your chamber is dedicated to following the advice of both its community and nation’s health care professionals.


That being said, your chamber encourages its community to continue wearing masks and practicing social distancing. We especially encourage this amongst our customer-facing businesses. We are Stronger Together, and it is a true test of character not when we follow regulations, but when we have the personal responsibility to do what is morally right regardless of whether it is a law or not. 


Stay the course Chamber Family, and continue to save lives. We each have the power to do so, especially when we work as a whole to do so, showing we are Stronger Together. 


Your President, 


Dewan Clayborn


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