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NEWS: League City Regional Chamber seeks expansion and education through its first ever “Membership Blitz”

NEWS: League City Regional Chamber seeks expansion and education through its first ever “Membership Blitz”

NEWS:  League City Regional Chamber seeks expansion and education through its first ever “Membership Blitz”

The League City Regional Chamber of Commerce has been working hard to ensure economic prosperity in its region. As its team has noted, informing the community of its purpose and growing its membership is essential to its everlasting mission.


The chamber held its first ever “membership awareness program” on Oct. 27 and Oct. 28. The program was the culmination of the chamber’s mission to increase its membership numbers before the year closes. The event proved to be a success as it brought in more than 50 members. 


The program, which was marketed as a “Membership Blitz” and “Membership Drive,” was organized as a competition in which multiple members and volunteers competed to bring in new members to our chamber of commerce, with the winner being whoever brought in the most members.


The League City Regional Chamber CEO and President Dewan Clayborn spoke on the intent behind the event as well as why it was formatted as a competition. 


“The program was a way to bring  community leaders and chamber members together for one common goal, and that’s to promote economic development through expanding the chamber’s membership,” Clayborn said. “I’m a competitive person and I feel like competitions are fun. I got a bunch of members who usually win and are big in their industries so I wanted to give them a fun way to be competitive and meet many new leaders.”


The program could not have happened without the help of Jimmy Cusano of Your Chamber Connection. As president of Your Chamber Connection, Jimmy and his team have helped hundreds of chamber of commerces across the country increase their membership through hosting such programs. 


Cusano emphasized that the event should be called a membership awareness program rather than a membership blitz or membership drive due to how the term membership drive has a negative connotation to it.


Cusano said the importance of the event was to get people to see the value of a chamber of commerce.


“We are trying to build the League City Regional Chamber so we have to let our members and leaders know about what a chamber does,” Cusano said. “People need to know we are going to be more involved in lobbying for our members’ businesses in Austin and Washington D.C., including transportations concerns and workforce development.” 

Clayborn noted that gaining new members is imperative to our chamber and regional economic growth. Clayborn noted that there are over 7,000 businesses in League City but less than 10% are chamber members.


As one of the chamber’s largest and most ambitious events of the year, Clayborn expressed how the program represents the mission of the chamber as 2020 reaches an end and 2021 begins. 


“The program was strategically planned before we launch our Stronger Together/Shop Local campaign for the holiday season,” Clayborn said. “This time of the year is when we really want people to shop locally and support our small business, as the holiday season is one of the primary times small and local businesses make their best revenue.”


Cathy Turner, the chamber’s Director of Membership, felt the event was one with a positive turn out because it brought in new members and brought together many in the community. 


“Even in these crazy times, people came together and brought in more than 50 members than we previously had,” Turner said. “I am so proud of this community.”  


As the year comes to an end, the chamber continues to advocate for shopping local and ensuring its mission of economic prosperity and success.


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