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Red River BBQ offers great barbecue and more to League City!

Red River BBQ offers great barbecue and more to League City!

Red River BBQ offers great barbecue and more to League City!

This past October, as part of our ongoing dining series “Dining Dutch With Dewan,” your League City Regional Chamber chose to eat at Red River BBQ. As one will find, there is a reason Red River remains full from daylight to closing time, being the go-to barbecue restaurant for the great League City. 

As the premier Barbecue restaurant on Main Street, Red River BBQ is host to an array of foods that are not limited to just barbecue. 


Everyday one will find Red River BBQ’s parking lot filled as League City residents arrive to enjoy the Barbecue that has helped define our region for so many years. One may find Brisket Sandwiches and Brisket Plates to be popular orders, as well as River’s Slow Smoked options such as the Pork Rib and Pulled Pork Plates. Whether you’re a chicken lover, beef lover, or pork lover, Red River is sure to satisfy with the barbecue meat of one’s choice, with there being plenty of delicacies that offer multiple meats in one. 


Aside from classics such as their many Barbecue sandwiches and plates, River does not hold back in its non-barbecue beef meals. 


Those looking for high quality burgers can look no further than Red River’s spectacular burgers, having the choice to choose between the Angus Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger, Mushroom Swiss Burger and many other burgers that can make one never want a Big Mac again. 


Other great food options include Red River’s phenomenal baked potatoes (or “spuds” as their menu says). Fans of brisket will especially find the Brisket Spud to be quite the taste bud pleaser. River’s great baked potatoes also include Bar-B-Q Spud and Two Meat Spud, which allow one to choose the meat of their choice. Chicken lovers will especially take a liking to the Grilled Chicken Spud. 


Of course, a greater testament to Red River BBQ’s popularity is its having great food options beyond just barbecue. Red River sports a diverse array of fantastic seafood delicacies. 


Overall, if you are looking for quality Barbeque or even just good classic southern cuisine, look no further than Red River BBQ to satisfy your taste buds and desire for good ol’ classic baked spuds. 


Looking to try great restaurants like these and more? Sign up today for the next Dining Dutch With Dewan, brought to you by your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce!

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