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Shop local on Small Business Saturday!

Shop local on Small Business Saturday!

Shop local on Small Business Saturday!

It’s the season we all go crazy for. Not the holiday season, but the season of BLACK FRIDAY! Now is the time where many gather for the Friday of affordable shopping and killer deals.


But alas, there is another holiday to be on the lookout for during the week of Thanksgiving: Small Business Saturday.


Don’t miss the chance to support your local community by shopping local the day after Black Friday! Small Business Saturday is the day for you to shop local and support the many amazing small businesses that populate our area. League City in particular is home to over 7,000 businesses and this is the time to support them. 


The holiday season can truly make or break a business. It is during this time of the year that many businesses have their best revenue, as our wonderful community shops for the gifts for the holidays. 


We want to promote shopping local and supporting the small businesses in our community because without small and local businesses there is no community!  Shopping locally is the key to our community’s economic prosperity and growth. For every $100 spent supporting small businesses, $68 is reinvested in our community. 


League City is growing and expanding every day. This growth could not have happened without all the amazing local businesses that have made League City their home.

Therefore, take the time this week to eat well, shop well, but above all, shop local and show how we are Stronger Together!

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