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BOARD MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Recognizing Kristi Trevino

BOARD MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Recognizing Kristi Trevino

Your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce is driven by the vision and direction of your CEO and President Dewan Clayborn and the wonderful Board of Directors of the chamber! Each board member is carefully chosen for the talent and vision they bring to the board. As part of our Chamber Board Member Spotlight series, we are proud to spotlight Kristi Trevino! We sat with board member Kristi Trevino to talk about her experience being on the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors and the benefits of such a wonderful position! 


Q: Why should someone serve on the Board of their chamber of commerce?


A: Serving on the Chamber Board is a fantastic learning opportunity. It's a chance to learn more about your Chamber and how it works. It's also a valuable opportunity to learn more about governance and leadership.


Q: What caught your interest in this Board? What drew you to the League City Regional Chamber Board?


A: I joined this Board because I wanted to make a positive impact in the community that I live, work, and play in.  This Board role also provides me with an incredible opportunity to cultivate myself as a servant leader. 


Q: What about the League City Regional Chamber Board sticks out to you? What makes it unique?


A: We are a very active Board.  Our Board is split into three separate divisions that meet separately each month to carry out the tasks assigned to those divisions and to report back to the entire Board our progress.  In addition to being active, we are a Board that has diversity within its members and diversity with its talents. This allows our Board to be very effective.  


Q: How has serving on the chamber Board affected your personal/professional life? 


A: I've been able to establish and grow my network through serving on the Board. It has also helped me to become more focused, strategic and lead with intent.



Q: What do you do outside of being a Board member for the chamber?


A: Most importantly, I'm a mom and a wife.  Professionally, I am a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones, and I also serve on the Texas Advisory Board for Devereux, here in League City. 


For more information on being a League City Regional Chamber Board of Director, visit your chamber’s Board of Directors webpage and stay up to date on the latest chamber info at our blog ECHOES



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