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First 10 Steps to Take When You Join Your Chamber of Commerce!

First 10 Steps to Take When You Join Your Chamber of Commerce!

It is no small feat to join your League City Regional Chamber. As a member of your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce, you are part of a 4 star accredited chamber. This makes you part of one of the top 3% chambers of commerce in the nation! Your recent decision to invest in the Chamber of Commerce is one of value and opportunity. Chamber membership provides you with a wealth of possibilities to enhance your business, whether it is participating in economic development and public policy initiatives or utilizing business development courses and network events. But what exactly does one do when they join the chamber? Read the first ten steps to take upon joining your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce! Here are the next steps to take in this phenomenal business journey! 

  1. Watch the welcome video from your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dewan Clayborn! 

  2. Click here to see the New Member Toolkit to learn how to update your profile

  3. Learn who your new Chamber Partner is! 

  4. Sign up for your ribbon cutting! 

  5. Sign up for your new member video! 

  6. Register for the next chamber event

  7. Get your new member plaque from your chamber partner! 

  8. Check out your chamber’s blog Echoes for weekly updates on all things Chamber and Community Related! 

  9. Get your new member video! 

  10. Attend a new member breakfast! 

Of course, the door to your chamber is always open. We gladly welcome you to come in, as our staff are ready to assist you! Feel free to contact us at 281-338-7339 if you have any questions regarding your chamber and your phenomenal new membership! 

Your chamber journey and growth begins today!

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