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MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: The Restoration of Kelley's

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: The Restoration of Kelley's

Dear Chamber Family, 

It’s an understatement to say how much your chamber and our community has felt the loss of Kelley’s. However, this is a loss that will be returned with gain! Your chamber is working to ensure the return of this vital restaurant.  

When a chamber member hurts, we hurt! Therefore, I am proud to announce our Kelley’s Restoration Gas Card Project, one of just many efforts your chamber is making to bring the beloved Kelley’s back!  

As one can imagine, the burning of Kelley’s forced its employees to find new jobs, with many having to commute long distances to their new places of employment. This is obviously quite the adversity inducer, especially amidst high gas prices. But alas, we can all help.  

Your chamber encourages you to donate a minimum of $100.

Proceeds will go to Kelley’s employees who have been relocated to a distant restaurant location to help pay for their higher gas expenses and rebuilding initiatives. 

Additionally, your chamber will hold a two day “Dine Dash Donate” event in which we encourage the community to dine at our region’s local restaurants, in which a portion of proceeds will go to Kelley’s to ensure its restoration. I encourage our local restaurant owners to register and do their part in helping one of their fellow restaurants return. 

Please help the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce support one of our local restaurant landmarks during this difficult time. The time is now to prove just how united we are, showing our commitment to Unity in Community.




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