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Sponsoring is key to your business' success!

Sponsoring is key to your business' success!

Note: This blog post is sponsored by Your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce. 


It’s something small and large businesses may not always see the point of. But believe this: sponsoring is key. 


The success of your business is based on many things, but arguably the two most important pillars of your business being successful are marketing and publicity. You cannot expect to have income if you are not known. As the saying goes, “If you’re afraid to promote yourself, business is not for you.”


So why should you sponsor an event or item? Because it’s one of the best marketing tools out there! 


Sponsoring an item (events, products, etc) gets you noticed by the  consumers of that sponsored item. 


We hear it all the time in ads. “This item is sponsored by __________.” Chances are by you hearing about who or what sponsored the item, you were introduced to a new business or product. 


Think about an event you may have gone to in which Chick Fil A or Canes (two big restaurants in our area) was one of the sponsors. They were likely selling plenty of their food and certainly making their logo be seen. If you had a friend who may have been unfamiliar with those businesses (if that’s possible in Texas), they certainly knew about them by the end of the day.


The effectiveness of sponsoring can be seen in you finding this webpage. Look again at the first sentence of this blog post. If you have never been to this site before, you have now been introduced to The League City Regional Chamber of Commerce (welcome by the way)! 


As one of the most effective marketing tools, sponsoring allows you to shape the public perception of you in many ways: 

  1. Depending on what event or item you choose to sponsor, you help the community see you as a person who is invested in the growth and quality of life in your community.

  2. If you are a lesser known local business, people seeing you sponsor an event will generate curiosity and word of mouth discussion of you. Word of mouth is the best type of marketing!

  3. You get to meet those in the community if you sponsor an event and meet those who may be your target audience 


Sponsoring a chamber event


With all this in mind, the benefits to sponsoring an event by your Chamber of commerce guarantees all of the benefits mentioned above! 


When you are one of the sponsors for a chamber event, your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce will ensure you are recognized for your sponsorship and given the exposure and recognition you deserve!


Tax Deductible


What’s that? TAX DEDUCTIBLES? THAT’S RIGHT! Sponsorships for non-profit organizations are considered charitable gifts and therefore are tax deductible. 




As you can see, sponsorship has an array of benefits, giving you the exposure you deserve while also saving you much on Tax Day!


So sponsor with Your League City Regional Chamber of Commerce! You WON’T regret it.


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