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NEWS RELEASE: League City Chamber of Commerce to use new grant money to help community

The League City Regional Chamber of Commerce was officially awarded their requested grant of $109,000 at a city council meeting on September 1, 2020. 


The grant was requested to fund a series of programs designed to assist small businesses and community members affected by COVID-19 in the League City area. 


The proposed grant was approved and passed by the city council with a vote of 8-0. 


The chamber’s CEO and President Dewan Clayborn spoke on how he is thrilled to have the chamber’s wishes fulfilled.


“We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to further serve the community and residents of League City,” Clayborn said. “With this grant funding we are able to create new initiatives to directly help businesses and residences that were negatively impacted by COVID-19.”


Clayborn spoke on the kind of programs the grant money will go towards.


“Some of the programs we are going to initiate include job readiness seminars to aid those who were laid off as a result of the pandemic,” Clayborn said. “These events will help prepare them as they resume applying for jobs. For many, interviewing can be a terrifying ordeal and this helps prepare them for that.”


The Chamber CEO pointed out that the grant money allows the chamber to hold the events for free, something he hopes will make many community members attend.


Aside from the upcoming job readiness webinar and job fair, the money will also be used to fund multiple webinars centered around mental health.


“Before the pandemic it was estimated that roughly 120 people committed suicide a day and the pandemic has not helped those numbers,” Clayborn said. “We at the chamber understand the importance of focusing on one’s mental health for success and we hope events like these can help those in our community get through these trying times that are testing our mental health and well-being.” 


The chamber is hoping to make the best of fall of 2020 as it prepares to kick off its many events. Clayborn said the chamber has many goals as it continues to help the community amidst the pandemic.


“I would say the primary goal is to be the forefront resource for the entire city and show the continuous collaboration between the city and the chamber,” Clayborn said. “During times like these, the chamber wishes the city and its businesses to only rise up rather than be brought down by the pandemic.  


To register or seek more information on the upcoming events, visit the chamber’s website at


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